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  • 112 pages 
  • Published in London, 2018 

Accent magazine celebrates lives lived outside of the ordinary. Think misfits, free-spirits and radicals — people who take pride in their own eccentricity and won’t let anyone make them think otherwise. Showcasing a collection of true stories about inspirational, extraordinary individuals, it has fantastic portrait photography and a wild, colourful design.


Issue four takes the form of celebrity gossip magazines and profiles the glittering, alternative A-listers: true everyday superstars who are making the world a brighter, more interesting place, simply by being themselves.


In the issue:


  • Izaak Adu is the son of soul superstar Sade and a trans role model. He speaks about his experience as a young trans man and his love for his famous Mumma
  • Kala Kala aka the Guru of Soho is always dressed in spectacular multicoloured outfits, and has dedicated his life to spreading peace and love on the streets of central London
  • Manuela Soto (soto.gang) is empowering women across the globe with self-portrait tattoos, and raising awareness about sexual abuse in the tattoo industry
  • Patrick Blanc is famous for creating incredible ‘vertical gardens’ on the sides of buildings around the world, while his partner Pascal is a singer who found great success in covering Hindi songs. Look inside their Paris home: an ecological wonderland with thousands of fish, birds and species of plants — including a sauna room full of tropical frogs
  • Queeringthemap.com is a website that crowd-sources queer memories and histories, from awkward first kisses to wild club nights and profound moments of self-awareness. Accent spoke to the site’s founder, Lucas LaRochelle
  • And in the back pages, Accent dishes out some alternative advice to help you live a little, like how to quit your nine to five. Also, meet the new Accent agony aunt, Dear Brenda, who really tells it like it is
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