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  • 88 pages 
  • 23cm x 31cm 
  • Published in Berlin, 2019 

In her introduction editor-in-chief Mariana Berezovska begins by asking what people are looking for when they enter the “sweaty basements and concrete cathedrals” that house experimental electronic music, locating us immediately in the Berlin of Berghain and Tresor and its many other bars and clubs.


This issue is built around the theme of ‘dark side’ and the editorial works to understand what darkness means in music.


In this issue:


  • The straightforward absence of light, as explored Mariana’s story that features “spaces and festivals where a complete absence or a drastic presence of light is part of the plan”
  • Tunisian producer and DJ Deena Abdelwahed discusses how the ‘darkness’ ascribed to her music in the West arises from cultural dissonance
  • The ‘extremophiles’ who inspired Lucrecia Dalt to explore discomfort in music
  • “Why do we seek musical experiences that pierce through the ears and skin and make our whole body feel uneasy?”
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