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  • 150 pages 
  • 22cm x 28.5cm 
  • Published in Hanover, 2018 

When do we no longer need something, and how do we make that decision? For its fifth edition, Brasilia magazine set out on a quest to define what is superfluous; to explore how much is too much.


Over the course of 150 pages, Brasilia’s interviews, comics and photographic works attempt to cover as many aspects of the wide-ranging topic of waste as possible, with each article also having its own individual look, tailored to support the message of its written narrative.


Brasilia won Student Magazine of the Year at the 2018 Stack Awards


Brasilia is a bilingual magazine written in both English and German


In this issue:


  • Fashion designer Claudia Bumb directs our attention to microplastics in the ocean: colourful islands of plastic as large as Germany
  • Christian Werner photographed the children of the war in Iraq
  • Luise Schlütsmeier and Vivian Dehning visited elderly people in seniors’ homes and asked them what is left as time grows short
  • Friedrich Weltzien on capitalism, “human waste” and the bohemian world
  • A photographic documentation by Stefan Finger about the so-called ‘scavengers’ on the Philippine island of Cebu who work, live and die at the garbage dumps
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