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  • 240 page 
  • 33cm x 24.5cm 
  • Published in Milan, 2017 

Cartography is a large-format travel magazine blending the rigidity of an itinerary with the whimsical experience of immersing oneself in a new environment.


Each issue comes with straightforward travel guides (’12 Days in Tahiti’, for example) but the main attraction is the artful photography and writing that speaks to the lives of local families, cultures and landscapes. Tapping into ideas of ‘holiness’ that they encounter on their travels, the editorial team use extraordinary photography splashed across the big, beautiful pages to create a rich and impactful travel magazine unlike any other.


In this issue:


  • Sardinian cooking is an extreme adaptation to the land, something ingrained in chef Roberto Petza
  • “How unstable is our identity, and how flimsy have territorial boundaries become?” Francesca Alfano Miglietti explores
  • ‘Pantelleria’ is a special project with Giorgio Armani, in praise of the volcanic island’s extreme beauty
  • ‘Tahiti, Cosmogony’ is a story devoted to the South Pacific islands
  • Data journalist Jacopo Ottaviani speaks to Jerry Brotton, the ‘map-hunter’
  • And Massimo Morello investigates the idea that maps and mirrors are tools allowing us to see past appearances
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