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  • 24cm x 19.5cm 
  • Published in London, 2015 

Delivered to Stack subscribers in December 2015, this issue of Delayed Gratification offers a fascinating snapshot of that summer’s events. Stories might be funny, odd or deadly serious, but by returning to them several months after the event, the team give themselves time and space to produce something of real value.


Unsurprisingly, the migrant crisis plays a major part in this issue, appearing across several stories and from several perspectives. See the selected story list below for more details on those and several other stories, and pick up a copy to see it in detail.


In this issue:


  • Interview with the ‘devil of the sea’; the unrepentant people smuggler who speaks about supplying a demand.
  • Mothers of Belgian jihadis wonder after the sons who went away to fight.
  • Data-driven analysis of the migrant crisis as it unfolded across the summer of 2015.
  • China’s economic slowdown is visualised through an extended photo story
  • North Korea’s first ever rock concert
  • And a graphic shows the holders of all the world’s cups in 2015
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