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Behind the scenes: Drift magazine
Long reads
  • 28cm x 21.5cm 
  • Published in New York, 2016 

Drift is published in New York, but each issue it travels to a different city and reports on the coffee culture it finds there. This edition was created in a Stockholm winter, making it a magazine of thick mists, snowy streets and cosy coffees, which we delivered to Stack subscribers in 2016.


Wherever it goes, Drift glories in the fetishisation of coffee, with every detail of local coffee culture analysed in an effort to understand the city and its people. For this issue that means a lot of time spent on ‘fika’, the Swedish word for a coffee break that seems so deeply rooted in the national identity, but it also means exploring Sweden’s influx of refugees, its gender equality and its design identity.


All these stories are mixed with coffee and filtered through Drift’s trademark aesthetic of calm control, bringing close-cropped order to the city’s streets and cafes.


In this issue:


  • An intimate exploration of fika, the coffee ritual central to Swedish life
  • Morning at sea: A sea-faring local wakes up with coffee on the water
  • Profiles of recent Syrian and Iraqi immigrants assimilating over fika
  • A photo series dedicated to mysig and exceptional Swedish design
  • Why specialty coffee is a hard sell in Stockholm
  • And how progressive Swedish environmentalism turned cafes onto unexpected ingredients


Issues six and eight of Drift are also available in the Stack shop.

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