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  • 92 pages 
  • 28cm x 23cm 
  • Published in Montreal, 2017 

The most distinctive independent magazines are renowned for their unhindered editorial imagination, asking readers to to trust their lead and take a deep dive into their world. If you emerge ‘getting’ it, you feel like a member of a secret club.


Founded by artist Claire Milbrath, Editorial Magazine sits snugly in this category alongside other esoteric titles like Marfa Journal and Mushpit. From an emerging clan of ‘sci-fi artists’, to the bedroom of a folk-freak musician and a fashion story inspired by the Italian porn star Cicciolina, it’ll have you grinning to yourself as you read and re-read every last page.


(Note: There are two covers available for this issue, and one will be selected at random to be sent to you)


In this issue:


  • Brooklyn artist Lala Albert marks the arrival of a new crop of ‘sci-fi artists’. Her intergalactic paintings spin a realm of manic enlightenment, and her peers Panayiotis Terzis and Char Esme also appear in this issue
  • The editors admit to a huge crush on folk-freak musician Weyes Blood. Going beyond the generic Q&A format, they sent photographer Kristy Benjamin to Blood’s LA home for a tour of her bedroom and her favourite objects in it
  • Ladislav Guderna is exactly the kind of artist Editorial loves: prolific, other-worldly, and virtually unknown. In this six-page exposé, see the team’s favourite pieces from the Canadian surrealist painter’s collection, as well as scans from his own surrealist publication Scarabeus
  • Staff astrologer/goddess Kiera McNally forecasts your 2017 horoscopes, packed full of puns and sass
  • ‘Made in Heaven’ is an ode to the Italian porn star and muse to Jeff Koons, Cicciolina. Shot by Maya Fuhr, these photos are sexy, humorous and surreal
  • Editor and staff historian Claire Milbrath writes a love letter to the Russian Tsar Catherine the Great. Citing real diary entries, as well as accounts from her lovers, they depict Catherine as the original Bad Bitch. Don’t miss her wonderful portrait by artist Jonny Negron
  • Just before Shara Hughes mounts the top of the art world with her wild landscapes, she sits down for an interview with Jessica Kirsch. Explore some of her never-before-seen oil pastel paintings, childlike and free, with unpredictable use of colour and perspective


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