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  • 164 pages 
  • 16.5cm x 23.5cm 
  • Published in London, 2018 

Hacking Finance explores the big issues impacting financial services to raise attention and create action. Looking to adjacent fields and cultures, they aim to make it fun, create connections, cross-educate and inspire action, with the hope of inventing a better future.


Within these beautifully designed pages you’ll find stories of movement across borders and along pavements. This first issue showcases evolution within organisations and inside the minds of the people who are shaping the future of finance — whether they know it or not.


In this issue:


  • Inside the dance school in Rwanda that is empowering children and helping them turn their families’ lives around
  • Investigating the disruptive and creative impact that skateboarding can have on cities
  • A profile of Venezuelan professor, author and VC cult hero, Carlota Perez
  • The man who is trying to produce a commercially viable hydrogen-powered sports car
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