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Video review: Huck magazine
Video reviews
  • 27.5cm x 21cm 
  • Published in London, 2014 

This magazine looks fantastic, but there’s real substance here too, thanks to some terrific writing that explores a cluster of interrelated themes: Independents challenge the status quo; questions are asked of authority; and cultural authenticity is pursued.


These are Huck’s core concerns. They’re the pillars that give structure to a magazine once built on board sports, but which has evolved and now asks much bigger, more ambitious questions. This issue was published in 2014 and Erick Lyle’s long piece on Julian Casablancas is a perfect example of the magazine’s maturity and nuance, engaging seriously with the ideas behind the artist’s first protest record, while pointing out the contradictions and follies of a rock star who wants to be taken seriously. This is Huck at its best, questioning everything and packed with ideas and recommendations for more things to read, see and hear.

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