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Climate change post-COP26
Climate change
  • 54 pages 
  • 25cm x 17.5cm 
  • Published in London, 2021 

With its title lifted from a speech Donald Trump made in 2013 denying climate change, It’s Freezing in LA! is dedicated to raising awareness of our climate emergency. This issue of It’s Freezing in LA! turns its attention to the borders which criss-cross the climate movement.


In this issue:


  • Oiling the wheel: state-corporate machinations in the Stabroek block
  • What is owed: towards a concept of climate reparation
  • Going toe-to-toe with elusive multinational petrochemical companies


Like what you see? Issue 2, Issue 6 and Issue 7 of It’s Freezing in LA are also available in the Stack shop.

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