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  • 29.5cm x 20cm 
  • Published in Dubai, 2015 

Published way back in 2013 by Dubai-based bookshop Jashanmal Books, Jashanmal Quarterly was edited by Conor Purcell, the serial magazine maker and more recently author of The Magazine Blueprint. Conor’s fascination with print publishing is writ large across the pages of this lovely magazine, which brings together editors, designers, publishers, distributors and retailers from all around the world to create a one-off publication that’s part love letter, part self-help group for print fans everywhere.


Grappling with the question of what it is that people love about print, its stellar list of contributors repeatedly return to the same ideas; that a good magazine is somehow special, tactile, lo-fi, and a break from the screens we spend so much of our lives in front of. If that sounds like the sort of reading you want in your life, pick up a copy while we still have one in stock.

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