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  • 160 pages 
  • Published in London, 2018 

Ladybeard takes the form of the glossy magazine and subverts its content. Platforming voices usually left out by mainstream women’s magazines, they collaborate with individuals who deviate from the straight, cis, white, able-bodied ideal, to provide vital new perspectives. The feminist magazine wants to play with gender, sexuality and identity, rather than dictate its terms.


The Beauty Issue investigates what our culture finds beautiful, the way we respond to the pressures of those standards, and what that tells us about who holds power. By asking the ‘outsiders’ what beauty means to them, they celebrate a spectrum of irrepressible identities. Watch our video review of the issue.


Note: There are two covers for this issue and readers will be sent one at random.


In this issue:


  • Four queer femmes exploring what ‘feminine’ beauty means in the LGBTQ+ world
  • Lynsey Addario, Giles Duley and Andrea Bruce on how they reconcile beauty with horror in war photography
  • An interview with Chris Kraus, author of I Love Dick, on unrequited love and liberating female art from the ghetto of the personal
  • A photo series from Bex Day where blind and partially-sighted people share how they define beauty
  • One woman tracking down and interviewing her Instagram obsession
  • And an exploration of wounds and masculinity in boxing
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