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Ideal for anyone who wants to read beyond the mainstream, this collection of three literary magazines brings together some of the best short stories, poetry and essays we’ve seen this year.


American Chordata issue 10

RRP £12.70 | 172 pages | Published in New York


Founded on the belief that a good literary magazine can celebrate sophisticated design and earnest expression on the same page, American Chordata seeks to publish work that is brave, illuminating, and emotionally detailed.


The White Review issue 29

RRP £13.00 | 190 pages | Published in London


The White Review is a quarterly arts and literature magazine. Providing “a space for a new generation to express itself unconstrained by form, subject or genre”, it publishes fiction, essays, interviews, poetry, and art.


Extra Teeth issue 2

RRP £12.00 | 84 pages | Published in Edinburgh & Glasgow


These words have bite. Extra Teeth is a literary magazine based in Scotland and it’s determined to challenge stereotypical ideas of what Scottish writing is all about, looking away from the highlands and islands and Edinburgh noir to find something more interesting.

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