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  • 168 pages 
  • 24.6cm x 19.9cm 
  • Published in London, 2020 

The travel magazine that sets out for a different destination each issue, Lodestars Anthology goes big on beautiful, aspirational adventure.


This issue is dedicated to Mexico, as described by Mexican poet Octavio Paz: “The important thing is to go out, open a way, get drunk on noise, people, colours. Mexico is celebrating a fiesta. And this fiesta, shot through with lightning and delirium, is the brilliant reverse to our silence and apathy, our reticence and gloom.”


In this issue:


  • A tour of traditional Mexican crafts
  • The beautiful architecture of Guanajuato
  • Creating Mexico’s world renowned tequila
  • Surfers and seafood on the coast of Oaxaca
  • Tortillas and the wonders of traditional Mexican corn
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