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  • 96 pages 
  • 24cm x 16.5cm 
  • Published in Berlin, 2017 

Nansen launched in 2017 to tell the story of one migrant, one issue at a time. Published in Berlin, the capital city of a country that took in almost one million refugees in 2015, this magazine wants to celebrate and connect migrant communities around the world


They’re starting locally first, and issue one encounters Aydin Akin, a 78-year-old Turkish German who cycles across Berlin everyday, demanding equal rights for all of the city’s newcomers. Through Aydin, the magazine explores the wider migrant community and its history in the city.


In this issue:


  • By giving all newcomers the same rights, Aydin says Germany can better protect itself against the anger and disenfranchisement that fuels hate and violence
  • Visiting Berlin’s immigration office and spending a day waiting in its queues
  • Charting the history of Turkish guest workers in Germany, who arrived in the 1960s
  • Meet the makers of a local magazine about the next generation of German Turks
  • Did ‘Willkommenskultur’ last beyond the hype of 2015?
  • And how the unlikely friendship between an elderly Turkish man and a young Australian woman defied the gentrification divide between old and new migrants in Berlin neighbourhood Neukölln
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