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  • 80 pages 
  • Published in London, 2018 

Oof is a new magazine on art and football. By unravelling the two equally physical, obsessive and emotion-charged passions, it shows that both help people feel and make sense of the world. Discover conversations on race, commercialisation, symbolism, politics, and of course, the simple joy of kicking a ball around. We also spoke to founder Eddy Frankel on the Stack podcast, where he discusses his intentions for the magazine.


In this issue:


  • International photography superstar Juergen Teller writes a passionate, heart-wrenching, and incredibly personal love letter to the game he loves
  • Young English artist Eddie Peake talks about the ritualism, fanaticism and balletic grace of football, as seen in the three versions of his naked five-a-side performance piece ‘Touch’
  • Female film duo Henry/Bragg spent a year at a south London football club, filming and interacting with the fans. The result – a two screen video of opposing crowds witnessing a goal – is a powerful example of the heartbreak and glory of loving something
  • Remember Emanuel Santos, the man behind *that* Ronaldo statue? Oof interviews him and thinks that he’s brilliant
  • And in the lead up to the Russian World Cup, Russian artist Dmitry Gutov captures his mother and father recreating football games in overblown, overdramatic and hilarious poses
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