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  • 80 pages 
  • 21cm x 29.5cm 
  • Published in Amsterdam, 2018 

Published quarterly out of Amsterdam, each issue of Ordinary magazine challenges photographers from around the world to create extraordinary images from a single, unassuming object. To create, tongue firmly in cheek, something exceptional from the exceptionally mundane.


This issue examines something which in recent times has become one of the most controversial objects in our daily lives: the plastic straw. Plastic straws account for a significant amount of unrecycled plastic waste and contribute to pollution in the ocean, leading more and more countries to ban them. Before they are forever forbidden and forgotten, Ordinary pays tribute to the plastic straw one last time.


In this issue:


  • Thomas Albdorf photographs the plastic straw
  • Mauricio Alejo photographs the plastic straw
  • Bridget Collins photographs the plastic straw
  • Rumiko Imano photographs the plastic straw
  • Many more artists photograph the plastic straw
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