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What it means to live today
  • 108 pages 
  • 26cm x 11cm 
  • Published in London, 2022 

Real Review is a contemporary culture magazine exploring “what it means to live today”. This 12th issue is dedicated the theme ‘Absolute proximity’; the paradoxical sensation of claustrophobia and isolation induced by successive lockdowns at a time when the virtual keeps us more connected than ever before.

In this issue:


  • Have we changed? Archaeologist David Wengrow speaks about his new book on the dawn of everything
  • Philosophers Slavoj Zizek and Timothy Morton agree about the future of humans on planet Earth
  • Photographer Tacita Dean captures a boat abandoned at sea
  • Film curator Róisín Tapponi reviews fake nails
  • While editor Jack Self reviews lateral flow tests and mindfulness
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