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Brothels, bathrooms and Japanese car gangs
Overlooked details
  • 90 pages 
  • 21cm x 26cm 
  • Published in London, 2019 

Scenic Views is a new publication that focuses on overlooked interiors, from bars to cafes, airports to hotel lounges. Created by photographer Lorena Lohr and writer Louise Benson, it sets out to challenge the outdated concept of the interiors magazine as a means of selling an idea of luxury, aspiration or lifestyle.


In this issue:


  • An interview with architectural photographer Timothy Hursley on his series Brothels of Nevada
  • A personal essay on the American highway by Christian Lorentzen
  • A photo series of car and truck interiors taken at the Dover crossing in the south of England and at car gang meetings in rural regions around Tokyo, Japan
  • A portfolio of tiny photorealist paintings by Mike Bayne
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