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  • 110 pages 
  • 26cm x 19 cm 
  • Published in London, 2018 

Mapping the intersection of technology, visual culture, politics and the future, Screen Shot presents weird and exciting stories dedicated to understanding what’s happening now, and what will come next. This third issue draws on the “condensed pods of politics and the insanity of it all”, bringing you perspectives that will evoke a sense of agency and activism.


In this issue:


  • Dying online: how the ‘live streaming’ feature on social media platforms is being used to spread images of violence
  • Slacktivism as Millennials’ political reaction to their environment’s digital sensibility
  • The cost of being LGBTQI+ in today’s western world and what might progress for change look like
  • #I #Don’t #Buy #It. Brand activism: exploitation or a movement for change?
  • Alien objects and how science-fiction writing can help build for the future
  • Egg freezing as employee perks for women, and the moral and psychological costs
  • Legacy Russell is in another time zone, sexting her days away, longing for distant touch inside quiet bathroom cubicles at work
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