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  • 56 pages 
  • 27cm x 20cm 
  • Published in London, 2018 

After a first issue dedicated to menstruation, She shifts its focus to the bizarrely taboo subject of female body hair. A clear-eyed and uncompromising piece of feminist print, these ‘shameless accounts of the female experience’ are by turns funny, affecting and outraged.


In this issue:


  • A humorous and factual article about ageism, and both social and personal acceptance when it comes to the natural progression of going grey
  • The journey of becoming Sikh, and what ‘kes’ [hair] means from a spiritual and cultural perspective
  • In prose touching on childhood trauma and personal acceptance, Lynne Jeffries reflects on how other people’s words affect us
  • Tales of the Taboo: a regular feature of witty, embarrassing, and relatable short stories contributed by all sexes from across the globe
  • A feature article about the adult entertainment industry and the affect it has had on societies’ perceptions of what is sexually desirable in relation to body hair
  • An honest account of puberty and the body hair journey; the trials and errors which come with learning to accept yourself as a natural woman
  • ‘The Nappy as a Bucket of Love’ by Kira Matthews: a creative writing piece on love, relationships, and shaving your pussy
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