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  • 144 pages 
  • 21cm x 27cm 
  • Published in Worcester, 2019 

Sidetracked magazine features personal stories of adventure. The aim is “to capture the emotion and experience of expeditions throughout the world… and to inspire”. This issue looks at motivations, obsessions, and the search for meaning.


In this issue:


  • The truth found in ‘letting go’ during an Alaskan mountaineering expedition
  • Lessons from a wild love story accomplished on foot and by packraft
  • ‘Amazing Grace’ looks at the shared recognition of the way the landscape of our birth home shapes who we are
  • Ian Finch shares the toll a gruelling odyssey can exact on those who explore, and explores the agonising journey of a Cherokee nation, forced from their homes, along the same harrowing 1,300-mile route
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