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  • 210 pages 
  • 22.5cm x 29.5cm 
  • Published in Berlin, 2018 

For their autumn 2018 issue themed Europe: A Bordered State, Sleek magazine has commissioned the iconic British photographer Martin Parr to shoot the director of the Serpentine Gallery, Hans Ulrich Obrist. Obrist is one of the most influential individuals within the global arts community, and the pair go on a day out at London’s Serpentine.


Throughout the magazine, Sleek continues this investigation of creativity in Europe, examining how people in the arts are tackling the complexities of the European identity through their work, and are rising up against deep rooted power hierarchies within European politics.


In this issue:


  • Interviews with creatives and artists, including Nick Laird and Isabelle Graeff, revolving around the concept of what Europe means to them
  • How Istanbul’s dissident artists are triumphing in harsh political times
  • A chat with esteemed writer and pornographer, Stoya
  • Commissioned original artwork by model, artist and activist, Richie Shazam
  • Powerful fashion editorials crafted under the ever-watchful eyes of Micaiah Carter, Ricardo Rivera and Alessandro Merlo
  • The second instalment of the magazine’s Chris Kraus column, in which she discusses the dissolution of art capitals
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