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Magazine Club: The Believer
  • 146 pages 
  • 26cm x 22cm 
  • Published in San Francisco 

McSweeney’s started The Believer in 2003, quickly establishing it as one of America’s most exciting and accomplished literary periodicals. It has been owned by several other publishers since then, but McSweeney’s bought it back last year, and this 140th issue is the first one created from its old home. It’s a triumphant return, with a hugely rich collection of stories, interviews, poems and comics, all presented in The Believer’s signature warm and friendly tones.

In this issue:


  • Actor Aubrey Plaza interviews director Miguel Arteta
  • Exploring the kitsch nostalgia of “America’s preferred diner art”
  • Silicon Valley in the 90s, featuring “organized crime, narcotics trafficking, confidential informants, and Asian gangs”
  • Inside the McDonald’s on 24th and Mission in San Francisco
  • And “the return of literature’s most reliable columnist, Nick Hornby”
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