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Inclusivity and fluidity in print
Queer culture
  • 200 pages 
  • 19cm x 13cm 
  • Published in London 

Describing itself as, “A literary magazine for queers and their friends”, The BitterSweet Review is a publishing platform dedicated to the advancement of queer literature and visual culture. This second issue is themed, ‘I started a joke’, exploring the places where queer culture and humour rub up against each other.

In this issue:


  • Michelle Tea on polyamory and a cold shower
  • Considering the underappreciated importance of humour in Greer Lankton’s photography
  • Kafka’s A Hunger Artist gets a bizarre twist in A Humour Artist
  • Chris Kraus remembers her days as a dancer in a ‘hustle bar’
  • And artist-cum-fashion designer Bárbara Sánchez-Kane spills the beans on the art of grooming pubic hair
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