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  • 26.5 x 20cm 
  • Published in Copenhagen, 2017 

Delivered to Stack subscribers in January 2017, The Exposed is an ambitious and exciting piece of publishing that stretches conventional ideas of what a magazine should be. There’s very little to read inside, but that’s because the stories are told in video and audio, via the magazine’s free iPhone app. Mixing digital content with print magazines can often lead to gimmickry, with awkward segues that end up detracting from the reader’s enjoyment, but The Exposed finds a lovely balance between the two to create a genuinely immersive experience.


Throughout the magazine there’s the sense of the makers working towards a new type of hybrid storytelling, and we were very excited to share this one with a wider audience. (Note that the magazine is intended to work with iPhone, but you can also find all the media materials online at www.the-exposed.com/utopia.)


In this issue:


  • A close look at Masdar City, Abu Dhabi’s attempt to build the world’s first sustainable city
  • Searching for our forgotten humanity in the global heritage of textiles
  • Reporting on the Italian trade in sacred goods and holy equipment
  • Rediscovering Russian inventors while renovating one of the world’s oldest science and technology museums
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