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From across the UK, these three magazines are about the joy of gardens. From urban micro-gardens up to huge wild spaces, they inspire readers to get green-fingered.


This is an opportunity to pick up a collection of great independent publishing — and by buying them together you save 25% on the combined cover prices. Read on to find out more about our selection…


Pleasure Garden issue 5

RRP £22 | 210 pages | Published in London | Readers will receive one of two covers


Pleasure Garden magazine takes inspiration from the pleasure gardens of 18th century London. Stepping away from the practicalities of the garden, the magazine places it within a wider cultural context as a place filled with art, music, fashion, society and sex. This issue’s theme is ‘Au Naturel’ — its content ranges from icon William Robinson’s ‘natural’ style of gardening to Howard Sooley’s photographs of Derek Jarman and Dungeness.


Bloom issue 3

RRP £8 | 96 pages | Published in London


Bloom magazine is a celebration of the beauty of all green spaces. Offering practical gardening projects, this summer edition includes everything from a simple guide to getting the best from your tomato plants, to an in-depth look at biodynamic practices. There’s a plan for planting the perfect border, top tips on what veg you can grow if you’ve left it a little late, and a look at the UK’s favourite wildflowers.


Rakesprogress issue 9

RRP £15 | 224 pages | Published in London


Rakesprogress magazine is “a contemporary look at the world outside” that began as a personal exploration of a new garden, and an antidote to an increasingly digital lifestyle. This issue focuses on landscapes, and includes star-gazing with the artist Lucy May Schofield and Will Self’s take on ‘psychogeography’, as well as Richard E. Grant on why he mows the lawn even in winter.

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