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Video review: The Lifted Brow
Video reviews
  • 27cm x 20cm 
  • Published in Melbourne, 2016 

As the cover says, The Lifted Brow is “a quarterly attack journal from Australia and the world”, and we delivered this issue to Stack subscribers in January 2016. A literary and arts magazine that’s determined to do things differently, it presents fresh and challenging storytelling in a variety of different forms.


That could mean deeply personal essays or formally innovative pieces of fiction, or it could be playful fragments of stories dotted through the magazine, From cover to cover The Lifted Brow is playing, provoking and exploring, climbing on its soapbox one minute and laughing along the next, making for a rich and varied reading experience.


In this issue:


  • Elizabeth Caplice reflects on her cancer treatment
  • An international drama based on the questionable legacy of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott
  • Activist work from the Refugee Art Project
  • A sexual confession from cartoonist Nicky Minus
  • And thoughts on art school, scattered through the magazine in James Brown’s ‘bits’
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