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  • 70 pages 
  • 27cm x 13cm  
  • Published in Manchester, 2021 

The Modernist is a quarterly printed publication about 20th-century modernist architecture and design. Published in the North of England, it is now spreading its elegant tentacles around the world.


This issue, Killer, focuses on the visual reminders of past conflicts — the work of Friedrich Tamms, Organization Todt, or a myriad of defence planners across the world — are the most explicit reminder of the role of buildings in the service of death.


In this issue:


  • The sprawling ruins of what was once the worlds’ largest dynamite factory at the Ardeer in Scotland
  • The legacy of the Cold War
  • An alternative look at Chernobyl Power Station
  • The impending death of Berlin’s Mäusebunker


For a deep dive into the world of The Modernist, you can buy issue 38, issue 35 and issue 34 in the Stack shop.

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