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Three magazines reflect on America in 2018
Donald Trump
Richard Turley

Drawn from three very different parts of the USA, these three very different magazines offer a fascinating glimpse of America in 2018. Based in California, New York and the South, each title reflects its own local cultures and concerns to paint a rich and nuanced picture that goes beyond simple party politics or Donald Trump’s latest Twitterstorm.


This is a rare opportunity for readers outside the USA to pick up a collection of great contemporary American independent publishing – and by buying them together you save 25% on the combined cover prices. Read on to see more about our selection…


California Sunday: October 2018

RRP $5 | 76 pages | Published in San Francisco, CA


Quality reporting from across California, this issue focuses on the impending Midterms with an intimate portrait of the volunteers and politicians on the front lines of three crucial battleground races. Also expect an in-depth story on the crackdown on undocumented workers in California’s fruit fields, and a look inside the Santa Fe bowling alley that takes visitors on a psychedelic trip into the unknown.


Civilization issue 1

RRP $10 | 16 pages | Published in New York, NY


A personal and impressionistic portrait of New York City, as created by art director extraordinaire Richard Turley. Printed as a broadsheet newspaper, its big, text-heavy pages contain snatches of conversation, bizarre thoughts and questionable statistics that give a totally unique sense of life in the big city.


Oxford American: Fall 2018

RRP $10.95 | 129 pages | Published in Conway, AK


Literary and artistic, Oxford American is published in partnership with the University of Central Arkansas and it presents a critical and affectionate perspective on the American South. Its short stories, essays and reportage present personal thoughts on race, history, barbecue and living with guns, creating a totally original and authentic southern voice.

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