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  • 176 pages 
  • 21 cm x 28 cm 
  • Published in Berlin, 2019 

A reflection on growing up and living in a culturally hybrid environment, This is Badland magazine bridges the Balkans with the ‘West’, bringing art, culture and creativity from offbeat places to a worldwide audience through their biannual print publication.


Issue 3, Larger Than Life, brings together an inventive Balkan-rooted mix of editorials, features and interviews to examine the new and contradictory cult of the self.

Readers will receive one of two covers selected at random.


In this issue:


  • Lock eyes with Braco, the Croatian healer with a global following, to retrace the surveillance quality of his gaze
  • The photographer Viktor Naumovski retraces a journey taken by his grandfather as a young man, accompanied by a 3D rendering of his grandfather’s head
  • In Narcisse, Johanna Jaskowska subverts the standards of synthetic Instagram face filters
  • Marina Damjanović and Alice Rosati return to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s famous ‘pilgrim village’, in search of a transcendental experience promised, but not guaranteed, by tourist boards
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