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Toilets and magazines have a natural affinity for one another. So it’s probably not surprising that a small but plucky band of independent publishers are creating print magazines inspired by toilets. From festival portaloos, to hand sanitisers, to famous books reworked to include toilet humour (see: A Room With A Loo), these magazines will take your toilet reading to the next level.


South London Review of Sanitiser issue 4

RRP £8.00 | 24 pages | Published in London


The South London Review of Hand Sanitiser is simultaneously a fond parody of the London Review of Books, a silly excuse for writing about hand sanitisers, and a heartfelt experiment in creativity and collaboration.


Facility issue 1

RRP $20 | 112 pages | Published in New York


Imported from the US, Facility’s rigorous study of toilets — toiletry, we might call it — explores the rich and multifarious sights, smells, textures, feelings, ideas, and routines behind the loo.


Goat issue 2

RRP £14.00 | 98 pages | Published in London


Goat’s second issue is dedicated to toilets. Called ‘A Room With A Loo’, it begins with a list of famous titles, reimagined to revolve around loos. The magazine is ostensibly an arts and culture publication, but retooled to intrigue readers with its bathroom obsession.

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