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  • 178 pages 
  • 21.5cm x 16.5cm 
  • Published in Berlin, 2018 

The Travel Almanac doesn’t actually tell you much about what a place is like. Instead it conjures a feeling, and always takes care to leave something to the imagination.


For their 15th anniversary issue, The Travel Almanac explores the ever prominent and increasingly challenged concept of privacy, with a series of interviews and features that explore both physical and intellectual spaces.


Readers will receive one of six covers selected at random; each features a handmade marble paper design by UK artist Jemma Lewis.


In this issue:


  • Follow writer Travis Jeppesen into North Korea
  • Breakout actress Odessa Young shares her experiences with privacy in a post #MeToo Hollywood
  • A look at the consequences of algorithmic citizenship
  • Photographer Amanda Charchian takes us on a very personal summer vacation
  • Norwegian artist Torbjørn Rødland explains the attraction and limitations of the term ‘voyeurism’
  • Hip-hop artist Denzel Curry on the pitfalls of sudden fame
  • The impact of privately owned public space on civil disobedience
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