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  • 140 pages 
  • 21cm x 17cm 
  • Published in London, 2018 

Through peppy illustrations and well-researched writing, Weapons of Reason wants to bring you closer to the world’s most pressing issues. Asking all the big questions and examining the possible solutions, this fifth issue dives deep into food, agriculture and the environment.


Your reading will be aided by easy-to-follow infographics and colourful iconography, which help to break down overwhelming statistics or jargon. Each piece is also finished off with recommended books or things you can do to help the cause — this is a great little title for anyone wanting to do more for the world.


In this issue:


  • Whatever your ethical stance on meat, its mass production is environmentally devastating. But is meat grown in test tubes just too disgusting for our delicate stomachs?
  • Before the advent of agriculture, Homo sapiens lived as small, roaming bands of hunter-gatherers. How did humans come to be farmers, and how has that development shaped our society?
  • In only 20 years, a handful of multibillion-dollar companies have come to dominate the global food industry. Take a deep dive into a food system driven by profit
  • We already know that an abundance of plastic pollution surrounds us, but are we prepared for the hard reality of finding it in our food? This piece explores the impact of plastic on our aquatic food systems, as well as the myth that we need to rely on it to keep food fresh
  • And how feeding antibiotics to food animals has created a new breed of superbugs that are outsmarting modern medicine
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