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  • 80 pages 
  • 31cm x 22cm 
  • Published in Paris, 2019 

In a way, all magazines try to tell us what is cool, but Where Is the Cool? cuts right to the chase with no long reads or unnecessary justification, and just presents 80 pages of stuff it says is cool.


We loved the first issue when it launched last year and that one sold out quickly, so we’re very pleased that we managed got hold of the last few copies of this second issue. Grab it while you can!


In this issue the cool is:


  • In the subaquatic matriarchy of the Haenyeos
  • In Marta Bonilla’s ceramics
  • In Ghanaian fantasy coffins
  • At La Colombe d’Or
  • Inside Benjamin Phillip’s vinyl collection
  • On Minyoung Choi’s paintings
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