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Behind the scenes: Yuca magazine
Long reads
  • 200 pages 
  • 22cm x 29cm 
  • Published in Barcelona, 2018 

A thick and inviting piece of conceptual publishing, Yuca magazine likes to do things differently. Like many other magazines it focuses on a different theme each issue, but Yuca adds an extra layer of complexity to generate strange and unexpected stories you won’t find anywhere else.


Yuca refers to its theme as an ‘alibi’, framing it as an excuse or pretext for the content to come. And cutting across the alibi is a broader theme, resulting in a playful magazine that, in this issue, mixes sound (the alibi) with time (the broader theme). Brilliantly whimsical and totally original, take a look at the cryptic story list below to get a quick taste for this magazine that you’ll want to discover slowly over time.


Readers will receive one of two covers selected at random


In this issue:


  • Instructions to cultivate time
  • Scores with no notes, no endings, no beginnings
  • Quests for silence, images of noise
  • Wake up calls, buzzing clocks, hissing muted under water
  • The universe’s journey from fire to ice, and then from ice to fire
  • Filling out forms, emptied forms
  • A buchla played by a woman with light sleep
  • The omnipresence of absence, eloquent silence, futurist pasts, archives of times to come
  • The voices and gestures of history
  • Tradition, sci-fi and dystopia
  • Hopeless men, hopeful millennials
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