Balcony goes beyond the gallery

by Steve Watson in March 2023
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Art & design

Balcony is an arts magazine with a unique perspective. Instead of focusing on the artworks that are usually front and centre, the magazine turns instead to the artists themselves – to their lives, their interests, and the things that mark them out as different from most other people. We delivered the second issue to Stack subscribers last year, and we got a great response from readers who were either being introduced to artists for the first time, or who discovered a fresh side to artists whose work they were already familiar with.

There’s a danger with this sort of magazine that it could get lost in its own specificity – artists talking to other artists about the things they find interesting could quickly wander off into the unhelpfully obscure. But Balcony does a great job of anchoring the conversations in something tangible, for example the fishing flies created and collected by Joseph Grigely, or the sundials tracked down by Christian Hidaka and Raphaël Zarka.

Take a look at the video above to see more on both of those, and to get a sense of the ways in which Balcony uses such obscure subjects to present a fresh look at creativity and art itself.

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