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by Steve Watson in June 2020
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“We wear all the hats…” Feeeels is one of the most impressive new magazine launches I’ve seen so far this year. Made by a core team of four graphic designers who met on the graduate programme at Rhode Island School of Design, each issue is themed around a different tactile adjective, with contributors using the touchy, feely, human messiness of real stuff as inspiration for a fresh consideration of the world.

In this episode Lauren Traugott-Campbell, Sarah Mohammadi, Angela Lorenzo and Drew Litowitz explain why they started by investigating the idea of ‘fuzzy’, what they learned from making that first issue, and why they’ve decided that issue two is going to be the ‘slick’ one. If you’re a regular listener to the Stack podcast you’ll know that independent publishers tend to speak openly about the struggles they face and the stuff they don’t know, and the Feeeels team is no different. It was lovely speaking to them about the self-imposed strictures and unavoidable limitations they had to overcome, and I hope you’ll enjoy the episode too.

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