Gonzo storytelling in Superstars Only magazine

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by Steve Watson in January 2024
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There aren’t many editors who will tell you that they started their magazine because their boyfriend needed to score extra points in a university class, but that’s exactly how Daniela Rodriguez came to launch Superstars Only. Or at least, that’s part of the story. She also concedes that, confined to her apartment in lockdown at the end of 2021, she needed an escape from the internet: “I was stuck in my own bubble digitally… I was just hanging out with my algorithm and it got a little claustrophobic”.

The result of these colliding circumstances is a brilliantly personal, almost gonzo magazine that Daniela makes with her boyfriend and a few close friends in New York. As you’ll hear from the episode above, Daniela is incredibly self-effacing and the magazine itself has a lovely lowbrow charm, but it’s also really quite experimental and exciting, and I loved hearing her describe the process she goes through in making an issue, and the special magic that print brings to the project.

I hope you’ll enjoy this first episode of 2024 – if you’d like to hear more conversations with magazine makers we have hundreds of them sitting in our archive, ready to be discovered. And of course if you follow us wherever you get your podcasts we’ll be able to deliver our new ones to you as soon as they’re ready.



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