Insider: A New Type of Imprint

by Stine Fantoft Berg in September 2015
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Art & design

Besides tons of fun, publishing a magazine can be a truly nerve-racking experience. In our new series Insider, we ask magazine makers to share the process of putting together their latest issue.

Last week, we heard from Delayed Gratification’s Rob Orchard, and this week it’s the turn of the creative lifestyles magazine A New Type of Imprint, published by Oslo-based design agency ANTI.

Want to know what it’s REALLY like to make a magazine? Read on…


In the making of this issue we…

Were hooked on
Boston Terriers. Our editor-in-chief, Veronica Mike, bought a dog this summer and could not stop talking about it. The team was forced to watch hundreds of YouTube videos on the breed and when Billie finally arrived, it only got worse. Billie is now the centre of attention, but then again, the cuddles make for a delightful break during long days at the office.


A lot of inspiring short documentaries as research for a future venture into the world of digital publishing. This has a wonderful rhythm to it:

…and hours upon hours of Mr. Robot.

Coffee, like any other workplace. But we’d rather seem cool, so: cold IPA-beers. From small, local breweries, of course.

We would say love and affection, but that’s not completely true. Yes, family, friends and lovers do get a smaller piece of our lives as deadline approaches, but we always make time to unwind. This is such an important part of the process. All we sacrificed was a tan, really. And who needs a beautiful tan and tiny freckles, anyway?


Yet again that things never turn out as planned. Despite that, everything always gets done. Fortunately, we’re a part of ANTI—an agency with an increasing number of brilliant creatives. Detours and lack of time forces us to work hard and find solutions that might result in something unexpected and exciting.

A lot of inspiring and talented creatives with great stories! Like the photographer Trine Hisdal:

Were excited about
Getting nominated in the magazine category for the Norwegian graphic design competition Visuelt, which is such an honour. We are among four print publications and the competition is stiff, but yes—the nomination was a win in itself.

Were surprised by
How bold something simple can be. The previous covers of A New Type of Imprint, as well as the second chapter, have been very colourful and bold, which has kind of been our thing. Chapter Two has a new theme and graphic designer for every issue, and we wanted Volume Four to have the same feel as the previous ones. But when Arve Båtevik sent us the layout, we were stunned by how he turned something as simple as white pages and black typography, into something so bold. The cover is almost completely white, but somehow it is the one that stands out the most, so far.


Lost sleep over
The excessive use of the word ‘journey’ in the world of design and magazine publishing. We were obsessed about finding words that could replace it and Mike has now banned it from the magazine. Although there might be a slip up here and there.


You should buy this issue because
It will surprise you and you will learn about everything from starting a new design business, to how to overcome a creative block. The issue is without a doubt the strongest we’ve made to date; there is a great diversity in content and you can expect good reads, strong design and beautiful photo series. Not to mention that the cover will look great on your coffee table.

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