One more time with feeling

“One more time, with feeling”. This is Step 1 of Gossamer’s ‘How To First Kiss’ guide. “Erase everything you think you know about the way people like to be kissed, about the way you like to be kissed”, Step 1 continues. “A first kiss is ungrounded, live-wire energy… you are nothing more and nothing less than a conduit for it.”

Gossamer’s tagline is “for people who also smoke weed”, and pieces read like stoned epiphanies. The theme for this sixth issue is Garbage, and interpretations are odd and brilliant. There is an essay on prison food (objectively garbage); a philosophical inquiry into the ethics of killing houseflies (they like garbage); and a delicious little guide to ‘trash talk’ (“Make it personal and memorable. At least that’s what your mum told me last night.”). The most satisfying links to the theme are often the most tenuous: How To First Kiss is essentially a roadmap for how to avoid kisses that are garbage.

Garbage also provides the inspiration for a series of vivid shoots. Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite spreads from an issue that is, even by Gossamer’s standards, unusually scrumptious.

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