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by Steve Watson in August 2021
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Aaron Beebe is the founder and art director of Plastikcomb, a magazine that champions collage, comics, fine art and more, all of it unified by a distinctive lowbrow pop aesthetic. There’s something raw and rough and experimental about Plastikcomb – its pages break out of the orderly grids of contemporary magazine design and instead respond to the featured artwork to create something that is itself a piece of art, and in this conversation Aaron speaks about his influences and the series of happy accidents that led him to this point.

As I write this we’re sold out of issue one of Plastikcomb but we do still have copies of issue two, so if Aaron’s enthusiastic account of making the magazine leaves you wanting to see more, head over to the Stack shop to buy your copy. And of course if you don’t already subscribe to our podcast, make sure you sign up so we can send all our future episodes your way. (Next week is our last one for the summer, but then we’ll be starting up again with more conversations in September…)

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