Read In Peace

by Kitty Drake in April 2021
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RIP Zine is a celebration of “our emotional attachment to print”. RIP stands for Read In Peace and the magazine is designed to make the experience of reading especially delicious. In one feature, entitled ‘Rip It Up’, about the graphic artist Anthony Burrill, pages have been bound together so that in order to read them properly you must quite literally rip them apart. Doing this is immensely satisfying, and the strange double binding makes this section of the magazine heavier than the rest, calling attention to its centrality to the issue. 

Other lovely quirks include a specially embossed, textural bookmark, and bar codes you can scan with your phone that take you to Spotify playlists curated by each contributor, so you can “Listen In Peace”, while you read. 

Below we’ve photographed some of the most luscious visual quirks of RIP Zine: a new magazine that will remind you why you love reading.

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