Sex, art and 100% commitment in Matto magazine

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Dominika Hadelova and Aldo Buscalferri are the editors and creative directors of Matto, a new magazine based in Paris that combines art, photography, fashion and erotica. The artists, designers and other people featured in the magazine are united by their utter dedication to what they’re doing, and Dominika and Aldo reflect that with a similarly obsessive commitment (‘Matto’ means ‘crazy’ in Italian).

The magazine also functions as a way for them to experiment and break some rules, using the freedom of independent publishing to do something totally different. Take a look at the spreads below and you’ll see, for example, the tiny gaps they use to separate columns and the way they offset lines of text, using these design quirks to both reflect their interviewees’ crowded and unconventional spaces, and also as a way of challenging the reader.

All independent magazines are inevitably personal reflections of the people who make them, but for this one Dominika and Aldo have really immersed themselves in an editorial world, admitting that there’s often no separation between the magazine and their personal lives. If this is the sort of crazy you want in your life, head to the Stack shop to buy your own copy of Matto, or just go over there to see more of those brilliant spreads.


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