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by Stack editorial in September 2021
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One of last year’s most exciting independent magazine launches, Feeeels describes itself as, “a publication that explores art, culture, politics, history, and emotions through the lens of one tactile adjective per issue”. For its first issue that adjective was ‘Fuzzy’, and the theme for this second issue is ‘Slick’; defined by the editors as a way into exploring anything “Impossibly smooth. Shiny. Glossy. Lustrous. Suave. Unperturbed…”.

In some magazines the theme provides focus — a way to zoom in and examine a subject in more detail. But in Feeeels it has the opposite effect — ‘Slick’ becomes a creative prompt; an invitation for the contributors to take a wild leap out into a slippery world that slides from the history of the banana peel as a comic object, through to the “perfect slickness” of electrons in a superconductor. The tone of both the editorial and the graphic design ricochets from nerdy seriousness to the frankly bizarre, switching register from story to story rather than settling on a single voice, carrying the reader along as it goes.

Like us, Stack subscribers found Feeeels inspiring.  Below, we’ve rounded up our favourite posts.


6. High shine

There’s great high shine on this image of Feeels, looking its very slickest.

5. Carpet love

We’re really loving this textural video of Feeeels, all slick and fuzzy at once.


4. Makhazin

Stack subscriber Ian McMillan zooming in on the history of the word magazine, which was based on the Arabic word “makhazin”, meaning a warehouse or place to store goods. A kind of storehouse of information, housed in idiosyncratic structures.

3. Post worth checking

We love this closeup and the message from Stack subscriber Viktor Bezić.

2. Breathtaking

We’re in love with this gorgeous table pic of Feeeels. Thank you Markét!


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1. Bedtime reading

This month’s winning shot is by Jade Creighton. We love the matching bathrobe and sheets. The perfect place to read Feeeels!

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