Stack at home – February 2016

by Stine Fantoft Berg in March 2016
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Art & design

February’s Stack delivery was the awesome Print Isn’t Dead, a magazine published out of London by People of Print and built to showcase the best of traditional printmaking alongside new printing technologies.

We spent the whole month watching smiley-faced covers popping up around the world, and as always we’ve collected them all in a Pinterest board. So if you want more images of the magazine, head over there, or keep on scrolling for our top five images from February…

5. Smiles
The smiley cover of Print Isn’t Dead was designed by Jon Bland and comes in two different colour sets. I’m glad we could send Miikka a package of smiles for his first delivery – welcome onboard!

First #magazine from @stackmagazines arrived today! It’s “Print Isn’t Dead”! I highly recommend subscribing to ☺️ #stackmagazines #printisntdead #printspotters #print #mag #graphicdesign

A photo posted by Miikka Virtanen (@miikkavirtanen) on

4. Stack and a hand cream
This month’s delivery included not one, but two magazines, as People of Print were generous enough to throw in their brilliant Posterzine. And what about that cute monkey in a pile of presents? That’s our monthly Mubi x Stack postcard, this time illustrated by Alice Bowsher.

Bought my beloved one a year’s subscription of #stackmagazine. Kinda fell in love with the first delivery myself. #meraki handcream is mine and the letter T is Intia’s addition to this layout

A photo posted by Katriina (@kaprinski) on

3. Ant strikes again
Ant was the receiver of last month’s Stack tee for his original Bowie tribute. And here he is again! Not sure what he’s up to this time, but I can’t blame him for wanting more of those smiles.

Print isn’t dead, no more than words. As long as hands can hold, eyes see, And minds can think we’ll surely herd these hoards Of signs and images on slivers of ex-tree. 48/#366 #printisntdead @peopleofprint @stackmagazines

A photo posted by Ant Heald (@antheald) on

2. Time for a cuppa!
Kate took the time to make this still life-like image of her Stack delivery. Looking good – I’m glad we could distract you.

Just when I start feeling quite productive this morning- my new @stackmagazines arrives on my doorstep. Time for a cuppa then..?

A photo posted by Kate (@ttsbie) on

1. Sunny surprise
On the greyest of days, Stack always brings the sun out! I love the springy vibes in this photo. Thanks Euan – a Stack t-shirt is on its way.

I was super confused as to why it was so sunny out……..then I heard my @stackmagazines subscription CRASH through the letterbox!!! ☄❤️

A photo posted by @euand on

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