Delayed Gratification’s Answer for Everything

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by Steve Watson in October 2021
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Rob Orchard is one of the founders and editors of Delayed Gratification magazine, and now one of the authors of An Answer for Everything, the hardback book published by Bloomsbury. Infographics have always been a big part of what Delayed Gratification does, and the book really leans into that, with 200 ridiculously detailed, meticulously researched infographics set over 300-odd pages.

In this conversation Rob explains how it was the uncertainty and disruption of the pandemic that finally took the book from being a loose set of ideas and turned it into a real actual thing you can go and buy in the shops, and also how the process of making the book alongside the magazine is the hardest thing they’ve ever done.

If you enjoy this conversation with Rob, remember we release a new episode of the podcast every Friday so please follow us wherever you get your podcasts and we’ll be able to deliver them to you as soon as they’re ready. And of course if you’re coming across us for the first time, check our archives for loads of conversations with people talking about their magazines – I think this might be the first time we’ve ever featured a book, and it’s certainly the first time we’ve covered a book published by a mainstream publisher, so go have a look in the archive for some of our weirder, smaller, more independent stuff…

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