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This week on the Stack podcast I spoke to Harriet Fitch Little, editor of Kinfolk magazine and editor-in-chief of Kindling, the new title published by Kinfolk to explore the subject of bringing up children. Except it’s not entirely true to say that I spoke to her this week – I actually spoke to her quite a long time ago, before Kindling was out on shelves, and I’d planned to release this episode after a short break for moving into our new office. But the move took longer than planned (obviously) and then the EU’s new rules on VAT came along and sucked up all my time so I’m only just getting around to sharing our conversation now. Sorry about that Harriet.

In this conversation she explains how the Kinfolk team ended up making a magazine about raising kids, how the pandemic played its part, and why it was particularly important that Kindling remained an open and non-judgemental magazine. It’s a lovely read and genuinely surprising, so I hope you’ll enjoy hearing Harriet speaking about it, and of course if you want to buy a copy for yourself head over to the Stack shop to pick one up while our stock lasts.

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