Sampler: Weapons of Reason #5, Food

We sent Weapons of Reason to Stack subscribers last year, and received a supremely positive response for this clever, altruistic bit of publishing. Aiming to tackle the most pressing issues faced by the world today, it presents the big ideas through digestible writing that’s guided by colourful graphs and drawings. 

This fifth issue cuts open the food industry, chewing on the advent of agriculture and multimillion corporations to examine the impact it has on the environment and our health. Every article also ends with ‘next steps’, encouraging you to turn knowledge into action. Over at Sampler, you can order your copy for free shipping and 10% off.


In this issue:
— The story of our agrarian evolution (above)
— Mass produced meat is devastating for the environment. But are lab grown alternatives the answer?
— A deep dive into a food industry controlled by a handful of corporations
— The myth that we need plastic to keep food fresh
— And how feeding antibiotics to food animals has created a new breed of superbugs 

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