Stack at home: Delayed Gratification

by Kitty Drake in July 2020
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What better way to understand the coronavirus crisis, than to travel back in time to January, and then get top journalists to break things down in slow motion? One of our all-time favourite magazines, Delayed Gratification prides itself on being the “last to breaking news”. Every issue rewinds time to unpick events analytically, with the benefit of hindsight.

We share an office with publishers the Slow Journalism Company (though of course we haven’t actually been there for several months) and we were planning to send the magazine out as our December delivery at the end of this year, coinciding with their 10th anniversary celebrations. But then coronavirus happened, and every day, as the headlines got more alarming and life got stranger, we found ourselves wondering what the pandemic would look like from the calm and critical distance of Delayed Gratification. 

So we scrapped our plans for issue 40 and sent our subscribers issue 38, covering the crucial period from January to March this year. It’s fascinating (and frightening)  to trace the story in this level of detail, from the first reports coming out of Wuhan, through to the virus arriving in Italy, the UK, the US and beyond. Below we’ve rounded up our favourite social media posts from subscribers, who loved the magazine as much as we do.

6. Pillow talk

We like this picture of Delayed Gratification, tucked up in bed.

5. Wise owls

The owl-patterned hat and face mask here caught our attention.

4. Lunch envy

Delayed Gratification, best enjoyed with an extremely nice lunch.

3. Plant life

Stack subscriber Daisy Bartlett picked out some of her favourite stories, like the piece about Pablo Escobar’s responsibility for the hippo problem in Colombia.

2. Sweet dreams

A nice post from Valentina Kasperova, who was enjoying Delayed Gratification after finally getting her baby to sleep.

1. A bit of joy

We love this message from Stack subscriber Jeff Sheinkopf. A monthly bit of joy <3 Money-can’t-buy Stack t-shirt on its way to you now, Jeff!

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